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RinkWater was originally designed to fully utilize the existing park water services in cities and municipalities for the construction of outdoor rinks. As indoor playing space continues to be harder to find, more children and those wanting to live a healthier lifestyle eagerly search for outdoor activities to stay active. Skating and hockey continue to be a favorite winter activity for those in Canada and anywhere that winter sports can be enjoyed.
RinkWater uses a potable water tie-in delivering fresh, safe drinking water to build a beautiful outdoor play place. Bringing water up from below frost levels, the water goes through a backflow preventer, pressure regulation and then out to an easy to handle hose that places water anywhere you want. When it's time to shut down the flow of water, a simple valve turns off the water to the hose and another dry hydrant is closed, draining the remaining water out of the system and into the landscape for dispersion.

The delivery hose is either folded manually and placed back in the cabinet, or placed on the power reel for rewinding, prepping the RWS for its next flood of the rink.

Other than a simple mechanical water source, there are other things that make this unit unique and that give you a serious advantage over typical water sources:

  • Canadian designed, constructed and assembled
  • Attract and retain rink rat volunteers with less hose-dragging, flood time and physical exertion
  • Eliminates need for trucks to deliver water for rink making purposes
  • Eliminates truck, driver, heated bay and other expensive capital purchases
  • Eliminates need for local fire departments to get involved in ice making, tying up expensive and potentially life-saving equipment
  • Eliminates coordination between town/city parks departments and local volunteers for rink access
  • Allows volunteers and parks teams to have a more flexible schedule when making ice
  • Reduce in-out time in Community Centre
  • Conforms to plumbing codes
  • RWS can also accommodate irrigations controls, lighting controls and other park related controls and features

The RWS box is customizable and our team is excited about the future of this innovative concept.

The RWS is fully insulated and heated. The multiple doors allows the heat to remain where it can keep the components of the box from freezing. With an R-Value of the cabinet walls around R8 and an option for either an 800 or 1300 watt heater, the RWS will continue to keep everything safe and warm on the coldest winter's day.

Cabinet is completely flexible and other components can be added such as:

  • Tool trays and racking
  • Parts baskets
  • Glove holders (that will be dry and warm when you need them!)
  • Power rewind reel that can hold almost 400 feet of 1-1/2” delivery hose
  • On/off switches can control power, internal lighting, or other electrical options
  • Additional 110V plug-ins can be added at the source
  • Attach peripherals such as lighting and sound systems

Is it hard maintaining the ice at the rink?

Are you shipping in water for your rink?

RinkWater has the solutions you need!


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